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Okonatur's organic shortening is an organic blend of coconut and palm oils. It is the best choice for baked goods such as pie crusts, biscuits and cookies that call for a neutral-flavored, dairy-free shortening. While the red palm oil is ideal for creating flaky baked goods, the coconut oil provides the added health benefits of lauric acid. This shortening is vegan and contains no dairy, soy or canola. It is organic, non-GMO and Fair Trade certified. Okonatur CocoPalm Oil creates an exceptional non-hydrogenated shortening for both baking and frying. We source our red palm from small organic and fair trade certified family farms to ensure no habitat was harmed. Use like butter for healthy baking or frying.

Organic CocoPalm Oil

SKU: 1009
    • Size: 16 oz (453 grams)
    • Ingredients: Organic palm fruit oil, *organic unrefined red palm oil, organic unrefined virgin coconut oil.
    • Made without dairy, lactose, or sweeteners.
    • Contains cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. Never bleached or deodorized. Our red palm is always sourced sustainability and with no harm to primary rainforests.


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