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Angela Ramirez

Organics Overseas, established in 2006 in Miami, FL, and its brand OKONATUR, prioritize safety and efficiency by using advanced equipment for all US-based filling and packaging processes.

OKONATUR's story begins in the landscapes of Colombia, rooted in a family's passion for organic farming and a vision for a more sustainable world.

Angela's journey reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, blending traditional Colombian values with innovative practices. Today, Okonatur stands as a testament to Angela's vision: a company that not only respects the planet but also enriches the lives of its consumers and communities worldwide


We're grateful for your support as we continue offering unique, sustainable products that benefit both your health and the environment.

Palm oil
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Why choose palm oil over any other oil?

100% Pure Organic                      Healthy Balance of all types of fats

  RSPO Certified                                              Kosher                                      

 High Smoke Point                                   No Preservatives                    
Colorless and Odorless                          Stable at High Heat

Nutritional Content                       Semi Solid at room temperature

Resistant to Oxidation                         10% Polyunsaturated Fats                                                                                      40% Monounsaturated Fat                         Longer Shelf Life                                        50% Saturated Fat        

OKONATUR Palm Oil, crafted for sustainability, offers a balanced fatty acid profile ideal for cooking.


Our selection includes Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil for health benefits and color/flavor-free Palm Oil for cooking and soap making. All products are sustainably sourced, embodying our commitment to responsible practices.


Discover the versatile, ethical choice with OKONATUR Palm Oil.

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