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OKONATUR Palm Oil stands as an exceptional all-purpose oil, carefully crafted with sustainability in mind. With a fatty acid composition that closely mirrors that of the human body - 50% saturated, 40% monounsaturated, and 10% polyunsaturated - it naturally maintains a perfect balance, making it an excellent choice for cooking.


Our range includes Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil, which can be used as a health supplement, and Palm Oil without color or flavor, ideal for various cooking applications and even soap making. Please don't worry, and all our Palm Oil products are sourced sustainably, reflecting our commitment to ethical and responsible practices.


Experience the harmonious blend of nature and functionality with OKONATUR Palm Oil, a versatile and conscious choice for your everyday needs.



Why to choose palm oil over any other oil?

Nutrient Content 1 tbs

• Vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol) 2.26 mg
• Vitamin E (Alpha-tocotirenol) 2.97 mg
• Vitamin E (Gamma-tocotrienol) 4.68 mg
• Vitamin E (Delta-tocotrienol) 1.28 mg
• Vitamin A (Alpha-carotene) 2.59 mg
• Vitamin A (Beta-carotene) 3.32 mg
• Vitamin A (Other carotenes) 1.09 mg
• CoQ10 600mcg
• Sterols 6 mg
• Squalene 5 mg

Benefits of Palm Oil

• Contains no trans fatty acids or cholesterol
• Helps protect against heart disease, blood circulation, and
many forms of cancer due to its low amount of Polyunsaturated fats
• Greatest natural source of antioxidants

Palm oil
Red palm oil

Alexa Young, CA

“This product is 100% pure palm oil and I am loving it for my face, my heels, and my toes. Although you can use it for many things,cooking would be good too!."

Morgan James, SD

"My birds feathers were getting dull and he developed heavy dander as it is very dry where I live. He has been molting on and off this winter. I spoke with my avian veterinarian and he highly recommended this supplement. He is back to his nice healthy self and I really like the sheen on his feathers. NO MORE INTRERMITENT MOLTING! :)"

Lisa Driver, MI

"I made a batch of palm oil and cocoa butter soap. It came out perfectly!"
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