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Where is our OKONATUR Palm oil coming from?

Hello, My name is Angela Ramirez, CEO & Founder of Organics Overseas. I am from Colombia, and want to to share some pictures of our visit to our suppliers in Colombia. For the Okonatur Red Palm oil, we source our oil from Benin and Gabon in the West- Central Africa, from small farmers

In West Africa and Colombia, which in contrast to what happen in other countries that have to use virgin land to cultivate the palms, the land used for the last 80 years, is land that has been used for farming and livestock, so it is plain land that was used for stock-breeding without any intervention to their natural ecosystem.

It breaks my heart when the media shows the orangutans dying in other countires that also cultivates palm oil, but also how mislead the public is when there are crops in the world that are not affecting the environment, and on the contrary are giving life to the planet, and with all this bad publicity to the palm oil, the real agents that are destroying our planet are like protected without any negative publicity as the palm oil has.

Join our mailing list in our website Never miss an update!! and let me tell you that I only cook with Palm oil, and I know where it comes from, and also how healthy it is for my kids.


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